Meet our team

Joe Hodges, DBA

CEO, Founder

Zach Morel

Technology Leader

Kathy Arango

VP of Finance

Why CareValet?

CareValet's member portal is delivered as a mobile, web, and desktop application. They are all built on a modern tech stack that revolutionizes consumer access to care.

This innovative digital health platform engages consumers, health plan employees, and employers by provider a centralized place to locate In-Network healthcare providers and telehealth solutions.

The platform simplifies medical appointment scheduling, ID card access, and even locates low-cost medications consolidating all consumer needs.

The CareValet Express SaaS platform allows TPA's, Brokers, or Employers to self service their CareValet implementation and deployment.

Loading and validating eligibility, managing group, plan, network, and member data. Create dynamic digital ID cards that update in real time on the consumers device. Upload and manage plan documents that get delivered direct to the members.

You can even configure the mobile, web, and desktop experience, via our intuitive app configuration engine that render your changes in real time inside of the Express platform and allows for instant deployments to consumers without the need for an app update on their side.