CareValet's Joe Hodges and Brett Lee

HCAA 2022 Guest Speaker Talk

You give members all the tools, why aren't they using them???

A Few Key Takeaways From Our Talk

"On your website how many links to your other services do you have?" ... "When we build apps, and a lot of tools that connect to these services, we've individually branded those things, we are contributing to all of this mental fragmentation of things the member is supposed to remember at the time they need to remember it, that's nearly impossible for them to do." 

- Joe Hodges

not good enough today

"Think of all the digital tools that you now have." ... "Each one of those apps, or web-links or services were branded to those other companies" ... "What happens in a digital environment setup like this? Consumers flee from these experiences because it's overwhelming and they just don't use them

- Joe Hodges


"Consumers want one thing, a single entry point to their benefit experience." ... "If you don't provide one for them they are just going to pick one, hopefully they pick the right one" ... "Do your service providers know about all of you other programs you offer? Can they guide them to the best outcomes across all of those experiences?"

- Brett Lee



"We want to be sure we funnel and triage the user through the entire digital experience at any entry point."

- Joe Hodges